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Kumho Polychem Yeosu


In October 2005, KPC (Kumho Polychem Corporation) entrusted Veolia Korea to maintain and operate its water and wastewater treatment facilities at Yeosu National Industrial Complex allowing them to focus on their core business and to optimize the operation of their water facilities.

Veolia Korea is expected to operate the facilities for 15 years, supplying the plant's process water, cooling water, domestic water and treated wastewater.

Kumho polychem is the only EP(D)M manufacturer in Korea, contributing a stable supply to the Korean industry.

Water is of utmost importance as process water must meet stringent specifications for polychem production. In addition, the delicate cooling process requires a constant supply of high quality treated water.

Veolia Korea continues to provide KPC with quality service.

Yeosu complex is located in the Hanryosoodo National Marine Park, an area with clean water. Thus, the quality of wastewater treatment is essential as it must meet very strict specifications.

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In addition to the guaranteed quality, quantity and continuity of our services, Veolia Korea has set further objectives:

  • Reducing operating costs: It is the second contract signed by Veolia with Yeosu National Industrial Complex. Some synergy effects are expected to result in cost savings and increased efficiency.
  • Reducing regulatory risks: Due to its specific location in the Hanryosoodo area, the treated wastewater must meet extremely high standards. Veolia Korea is committed to protecting the environment and reducing regulatory risks.
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Veolia Korea secures sustainable operations. We then start to optimize and upgrade the system.

  • Implementing comprehensive risk assessment, developing operation & maintenance procedures and staff training leading to an important risk reduction and enhanced process reliability
  • Implementing a system of audit by Veolia experts followed by recommendations to be gradually implemented. The result is a tailor-made, optimized solution for KPC
  • Implementing reliable measurement tools for a better understanding of the process, allowing Veolia Korea to proceed with accurate decisions and improve the overall process
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