An absolute obligation

Compliance with the law and internal rules is essential because it is the basis of the relationship of trust that Veolia maintains with its employees, shareholders, partners and customers and, more broadly, with all its stakeholders.


A success factor

Compliance is fully in line with the Group's policy of being a responsible and useful business. As a result it is an essential aspect of Veolia's commitment to its stakeholders.

Furthermore, the Group's ambitions in terms of compliance contribute directly and positively to its competitiveness and to making it different from its competitors. Veolia thus meets the legitimate requirements of its customers in this respect and increases its ability to attract the talent needed to implement its strategy.


Making the commitment a reality

Veolia's commitment to compliance is reflected at the highest level of the Group. In its external and internal communications, senior management regularly reiterates that for Veolia ethics and compliance issues are non-negotiable.

The Group has an independent Compliance Department reporting directly to the Chairman and CEO. In addition, Veolia's management bodies (Executive Committee, Management Committee) and Board of Directors are fully involved in establishing and applying the Group's compliance policy.


Personal data protection

Veolia is committed to applying national provisions as well as the regulations in Europe covering personal data protection (the General Data Protection Regulation). The Group has therefore drawn up a Group policy and set minimum standards in this regard.


Environmental compliance

Veolia attaches great importance to environmental risk management. Accordingly, the company's governance in this respect is built around a committee specifically dedicated to monitoring these issues. The Compliance Department participates actively in the work of this committee.



Are you aware of a breach of ethics and/or compliance rules? You can report this breach via the Group's alert line.