Local CSR activities

Veolia strives to make a significant contribution to the areas where its customers live. This engagement has developed as a result of constant dialogue with all the stakeholders: clients, service users, communities, local residents, NGOs and associations.


For the Community
Veolia Korea relies on the voluntary involvement of its employees to support the environmental initiatives and encourage individuals and communities around the work environment for a cleaner and healthier planet. Veolia’s employees have organized activities in local schools and communities, through specifically-designed pedagogical materials. Facility tours, experiments, drawing competitions for children and support to environmental events are some of the key actions implemented in Korea.


For the Environment 

EMS (Environmental Management System)

Veolia thinks forward, sets high operating standards, and places great emphasis on listening to its customers. To better enable us to continuously improve our environmental performance, we are developing an environmental management system.
Such initiatives are an integral part of our constant efforts to enhance the quality of the services we offer by being both informative and transparent.
In order to meet current and future challenges in the each business sector, we are committed to major programs in Research and Development to better anticipate the needs of our customers. 
As well, we strive to develop tomorrow's solutions today, better enabling us to protect and make use of resources. In Korea, EMS has been implemented since 2006. In line with this policy, environmental audits are conducted at all of our sites.
For the Workplace
Veolia has pledged to provide even better protection to all employees against occupational risks and improve safety in the workplace. That’s why more than 36% of employee training programs in 2013 focused on health and safety at work.

  • Health & Safety Policy
    Veolia views the H&S of all employees and subcontractors as an absolute priority. Many measures have been taken to increase hazard awareness and enhance risk prevention, guaranteeing the physical safety and preserving the health of every employee at all times. These measures go from constant monitoring of working conditions to frequent H&S trainings through many initiatives to raise awareness and to empower employees to act for their safety. Veolia has pledged to provide even better protection to all employees against occupational risks and improve safety in the workplace. That’s why more than 36% of employee training programs in 2013 focused on health and safety at work.
  • Preventing Occupational Risks
    Veolia has implemented a structured initiative led by senior management that relies on the visible involvement of the entire management chain and a continuous improvement system that enables it to fulfill its commitments, achieve its stated goals and uphold the principles included in its commitment to Prevention, Health and Safety. 
    On July 1, 2013, Veolia signed the Seoul Declaration of the International Labor Office (ILO) in Geneva, recognizing the fundamental human right to a safe and healthy workplace. As part of its commitments, Veolia promotes the continuous improvement approach to Prevention, Health and Safety advocated by the declaration, trains stakeholders and fosters employee-employer dialogue on the issue.
    In addition, innovative on-site health and safety practices have also been identified within the company. Two of these practices have been recognized by Social Innovation Awards, underscoring how safety permeates every aspect of Veolia’s employee relations policy.


More than 36% of training programs are focused on safety. 

Veolia monitors and manages its human resources using a series of nearly 200 performance indicators ...

... compiled by more than 900 correspondents in 85 countries.

  • H&S Week
    Each year, Veolia Korea in line with Veolia Asia Pacific’s initiative takes part in the annual Veolia Health and Safety Week campaign with the purpose of maximizing the chance by employees in Korea to highlight the essential matter, increase the feeling of belonging to the organization that cares about the health and safety of employees and to raise awareness of health and safety related topics and issues across all operating sites including the Seoul head office.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    Veolia follows strict Veolia Health & Safety procedures that are mandatory for implementation at all operating sites.
    Veolia’s Health & Safety principles is to eliminate unsafe act and unsafe conditions, to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, conforming to regulatory compliance of international, local relevant laws & regulations, which are then complemented by Veolia safety standards, procedures and industry best practices.
    The required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) described by the corporate health and safety team and Korean regulations are applicable to all Veolia Korea operating or execution staff, Seoul office staff, visitors, and suppliers at any of Veolia Korea water, energy, or waste plant. It also includes clients’ sites when visited by Veolia Korea employees.



Veolia ITTC
  • Industrial Technical & Training Center (ITTC) 

Newly established in the city of Songdo at the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) in 2013, Veolia Asia Industrial Training Center is the sole training and technical facility for all Veolia employees in Asia region, entirely dedicated to industrial services. As well as the training programs, 2 story eco-friendly building Center equips with water quality laboratory and pilot plant specialized in industrial operations. In the environmental fields of water, waste and energy, Veolia Industrial Training Center serves Veolia Asia employees the high level of competency training to meet performance requirements and anticipate future skill needs. Furthermore, it serves as an industrial hub for equipment and process testing for operation, business development for prospects to demonstrate its showcase solutions to potential clients.