Impact 2023 strategic program

Our planet and our contemporary societies are today at a historic moment.

We have never been so aware of the environmental and climatic emergency, and of the social and human consequences it produces, especially for those who are already the most vulnerable. We are all convinced of the need to work collectively and concretely to protect the planet: this creates an injunction to act. 


Being the benchmark company for ecological transformation

Veolia wishes to exercise its full responsibility to help meet these new challenges.



  • Through the mission that we have set ourselves - to revitalize the world -, and as our reason for being details , we strongly affirm our commitment in favor of a positive impact in the service of the planet, in coherence with the DNA of our group for over 160 years. Today, this commitment has never been so in line with the expectations and needs of all our stakeholders.
  • Thanks to the success of previous plans, which have put the company back on the path to profitable and sustainable growth, Veolia has never been so ready to strengthen and amplify its action.


Impact 2023: 4 strategic moves for Veolia

Impact 2023, Veolia is committed to achieve multi-faceted performance. Veolia is aiming to achieve the performance including customer and stakeholder, social and environmental performances in order to improve ESG(Environment/Social/Governance) management, which is a non-financial performance, in addition to economic, financial, and commercial performances in environmental business activities. 

By accessing and measuring 18 key indicators by external organizations to be achieved by 2023, we contribute to improve ESG management for our clients and implement the UN’s SDGs as the core of our business activities. 

Veolia’s goal is to go beyond a simple ideology and provide a long-term, concrete future direction to serve as a compass as a leader in the environmental services.