Incheon Sewage Treatment Project


The Incheon Songdo Mansu Sewage Treatment BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) Project was signed in December 2001 between Veolia and Incheon Metropolitan City. It is the 1st PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project in domestic sewage sector. Samsung Veolia Incheon Wastewater Co. Ltd., a special purpose company (SPC) sponsored by Veolia and Samsung Engineering (Veolia 80%, Samsung Engineering 20%), is responsible for sewage treatment for the next 20 years. The facilities were constructed by Veolia Water Technologies from October 2002 to April 2005, and operations began in May 2005.

Location Incheon Songdo & Mansu
Start of operation May 2005
Scope of service Sewage collection and treatment service
Facility capacity Songdo STP: 30,000 m3/Day (BiostyrTM technology),
Mansu STP: 70,000 m3/Day (AzenitTM-P technology)