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Veolia’s commitment to the public authorities is to ensure tailored management of water, waste and energy services for local authorities to ensure high quality solutions that fit all situations.

Ajman Sewerage, United Arab Emirates

200 persons at the service of the Ajman Emirates. No matter the water or utility challenge or goal, Veolia works with cities to assess, design and develop the best solutions.

In 2006 Veolia signed a 27-year concession contract.
This is unique in the Middle East region since Veolia helps managing the operations and maintenance of the entire Ajman sewage system which consists of:
  • 90,000 clients
  • 10,500 connections
  • 310 km of gravity sewer and connection pipes, 30 km of rising mains
  • 21 pumping stations (ranging from 10 l/s to 1000 l/s)
  • 1 wastewater treatment plant of 75,000 m3/d capacity
Priority objectives
  • Provide a proper commissioning of the sewerage plant
  • Ensure performance & optimize maintenance
  • Set up customer billing and collection (connection fees and service charges)
  • Develop customer care center (registration, queries, complaints)
  • Collection and update of customer data
Tailored solutions
  • Implementation of a quality, safety and environmental management system
  • Recruitment and train technicians and customers’ agents
  • Implementation of a communication plan to inform the public on the works and services delivered by the ASPCL
  • Establishment of a 24/7 call center
  • Optimize the management of assets with hydraulic modeling and GIS 
  • Bill delivery
  • Customer care
  • Key account management
  • Call center
  • Construction of new sewers
  • CCTV inspections
  • Repair of broken gravity sewers
  • Repair of damaged pressurized mains
  • Preventive sewer cleaning
  • Emergency cleaning of blockages
  • Preventive maintenance of pumping stations
  • Plant operations
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • GIS-based sewer asset management

21 pumping stations (ranging from 10 l/s to 1000 l/s)

1 wastewater treatment plant of 75,000 m3/d capacity