Acquisition of UNIKEN, waste treatment business

In March 2017, Veolia Korea has acquired 'Uniken' that operated the solid and liquid (hazardous & non-hazardous) waste treatment facilities located both in Onsan city and Yongjam, Gyeongsang Nam-do province, South Korea.
Uniken is the only company provided all these kinds of waste treatment activity from the collection to final treatment around the region.
The operation includes a landfill (250,000 T/Y), SRF production plant (18,000 T/Y), two of incinerators (15,000 T/Y and 39,000 T/Y), hazardous liquid waste evaporators (33,000 T/Y) and industrial waste water evaporators (66,000 T/Y) with the respective treatment capacity.
This acquisition enables Veolia to diversify its waste portfolio in Korea with landfill, incineration and hazardous waste treatment solutions as Veolia Korea was only active in plastics recycling solutions.
Veolia took over all facilities and started its operation as of the 1st of March 2017.
Note) Capacity mentioned above is based on the treatment/production capacity per year.