In 2019, Veolia signed a new contract with R&E for operation of artificial marble recycling centre (35,000 Ton/year) by merging 60% stakes of R&E's. 

R&E is the first company that developed new technologies of dismantling waste artificial marbles, which cause air & soil pollution, with heat and recycling them as MMA and alumina. It is taking the lead in sustainable growth by reducing environmental pollution and recovering resouces. 

R&E scraps waste resouces from artificial marble companies and dismantles them over high heat. During the process, refined MMA and alumina are produced. MMA and alumina can be used as raw materials for acrylics and ceramic products respectively. R&E's MMA and alumina are evaluated as high-quality materials in various industries such as LED TV, textile, tile, fireproof brick, ceramic, artificial marble, etc. R&E's heat dismantling technology is the only patented in Korea.  


Changwon, Haman, Oksan


December 2019

Scope of service

Artificial marble recycling

Facility capacity 


MMA recovery

(Methyl Methacrylate): 6,600

Al2O3 recovery

(Aluminum Oxide): 13,860


Sales Representative

Mr. Hosoo Lee

[email protected]