SK hynix Happymore

SK hynix entrusted Veolia with the supply of UPW (ultra pure water) for its laundry facility (Happymore Inc.) at Cheongju in November 2017. Happymore, established as an affiliated company of SK hynix in 2016, is a workshop for people with disability. There are more than 400 employees and they perform duties such as manufacturing and cleaning smocks used in semiconductor cleanrooms of SK hynix.

In November 2022, Veolia renewed the UPW supply contract with Happymore for 5 more years. We will continue to maintain a strong relationship with the client to deliver business continuity and multifaceted performance.


Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do

Start of operation

November 2017

Scope of service

Production and supply of ultra pure water

Treatment capacity

144 m3/Day