Water and energy savings at every step

For 13 years, Veolia has been helping LG Lotte Petrochemicals significantly reduce its energy and water use while increasing production capacity.



With an output of more than 6 million metric tons of petroleum-based products each year, the 430-hectare Daesan industrial complex accounts for a full 40% of South Korea’s petrochemical production. Veolia has been a partner to this industrial giant for more than 13 years, treating all industrial wastewater at the site and supplying drinking water to its 1,700 employees.


On obtaining the contract, Veolia assumed responsibility for the water treatment facilities at the site, and now also handles operation and maintenance for the production of reverse-osmosis water, demineralized water, cooling water and drinking water. The customer was seeking to operate the facilities more efficiently, reduce costs, shrink its water and carbon footprints, ensure compliance with quality standards and ensure reliable service. Veolia has fulfilled all those objectives, enabling LG Lotte Petrochemicals to surpass South Korea’s regulatory requirements for environmental performance. Energy efficiency at the site has risen from 80% to 95% over the 13-year period, while the volume of sludge produced has fallen from 85% to 65% and more than one third of cooling water is returned to the production process after treatment – a significant factor in reducing the site’s consumption of this precious resource in South Korea.


Gustavo Migues
Formal director, Veolia South Korea

“With this partnership we’ve successfully established our credentials in the petrochemicals market in South Korea and worldwide.”


Key figures

  • 48,960 cubic meters/day of demineralized water
  • 2,026,656 cubic meters/day of cooling water
  • 5,235 cubic meters/day of drinking water


Customer benefits

  • Cost reduction
  • Operational security and continuity
  • Network innovation and instrumentation
  • Risk management
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Regulatory compliance



  • Industrial water treatment

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  84,000 m³/day of desalinated water from reverse osmosis


5,235 m³/day of drinking water