Withbio: A company that thinks about the environment and recycles resources,a leading company in eco-friendly resource circulation.

In Korea, 65% of the entire country is covered with forests. As of 2017, 6.75 million cubic meters of trees have been cut down, and 280,000 hectares of them have been newly planted annually through the forest-growing projects and afforestation.

Trees are being cut down for various reasons, such as forest improvement, harvesting and tree species renewal, mountain development, and nematode damage. However, more trees are being planted every year to help the global environment.

Withbio is an eco-friendly resource recycling company that produces wood chips using forest resources and unused wood.

Withbio produces wood chips for power generation using logs, by-products and other discarded wood that is generated during the logging process.

It is an eco-friendly resource recycling company that circulates forest resources that are dumped through the use of timber and by-products that are left or abandoned in the mountains.


Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do


26 Nov 2018


100,000 Ton/Year


Power plant