WTE (Waste To Energy) project

Waste to energy facility O&M and heat supply project: general facility management, energy management, operation and maintenance


Major equipment at the metropolitan waste incineration facility in Jeju-do

(1) Truck Scale

The collected wastes are automatically measured and recorded.

(2) Refuse Platform

The measured wastes are stored in a refuse pit. To prevent odor, an air curtain is installed at the waste entry gate, and the air inside is used for combustion, thus preventing the odor from being released to the outside.

(3) Bulky Refuse Shredder

Bulky wastes are shredded into a specific size by a shredder before being transported and stored in the refuse fit. 


(4) Refuse Control Room

The number, amount and time of waste insertions are automatically recorded by a measuring device and the refuse crane may be controlled manually or semi-automatically.

(5) Refuse Pit

The stored wastes are sent to an insertion hopper by a crane and transported to the inside of the incinerator.

(6) Central Control Room

It is an advanced general operation room that can comprehensively survey and adjust the operating status of every equipment and facility by using the cutting-edge distributed control system (DCS).

(7) Fluidized Bed Incinerator

The amount of incineration is controlled by an automatic combustion controller and the wastes are completely combusted to become ashes.

(8) Waste Heat Boiler

For cooling of combustion gas and efficient utilization of energy, heat is recovered from the boiler to generate steam.

(9) Turbine Generator

The steam generated in the boiler is converted into electricity, which is then supplied as power throughout the incineration facility.

(10) Quenching Chamber

The combustion gas is cooled to remove any harmful gas contained in the combustion gas.

(11) Bag Filter

Fine dust contained in the exhaust gas is removed to prevent air pollution.

(12) Selective Catalytic Reactor

Nitrogen oxides in the combustion gas are removed as they react with the injected ammonia while dioxin is eliminated by the catalyst.

Incineration processing system diagram