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Water treatment solution for a bottling plant

Constant water quality with best-in-class solution.

Veolia helped the client to meet its water challenges in the long-term by ensuring natural renewability, as well as protecting and preserving water resources.

UAE Case study

Veolia’ solution encompasses the design, fabrication, supply, transportation, assembly and start-up of municipal water treatment using filtration, activated carbon, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis & ozonation system. The facilities installed were designed to produce constant quality of drinking water.


  • Activated Carbon Filtration eliminates the disinfection residual from raw water and retain organic contaminates
  • Reverse Osmosis is the most suitable technology to eliminates 95 to 99% of TDS (total dissolved solids), in order to obtain clean water free of contaminants. It removes salt, dissolved minerals, nitrates, pesticides, metals, and microorganisms from the water
  • The system is also effective in treating water for health contaminants: asbestos, arsenic, some pesticides, fluoride, lead, mercury and radium
  • Removing all related health contaminants.