Business leaders in Korea


Business Leader of Asia

  • Christophe Maquet
    Senior Executive Vice President, Asia


We are all developers in South Korea

  • Hervé Péneau
    CEO & Rep. Director
  • Jingye Choi
    President, Corporate Relations
  • Jongboo Kim
    Vice President of PD/BD Resources
  • Jeongmin (Jim) Park
    Managing Director of Water Business Line
  • Hongyeol Lee
    Managing Director of Waste Business Line
  • Gilles Hild
    Managing Director of Energy Business Line
  • Nicolas Lejeune
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Jooil (James) Lee
    Vice President · CHRO & SCO
  • Uijae Lee
    General Counsel
  • Miyoung Choi
    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Guillaume Frangville
    Chief Financial Officer