Celebrating International Women’s Day: A Day of Empowerment and Inspiration

International Women’s Day holds great significance in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. In Veolia Korea, we marked this special day with series of activities that aimed to inspire our female employees. 

We had the privilege of hosting a dialogue session with our executives. The executives shared their experiences, perspectives and insightful discussions. Also, one of the woman leader from APAC, delivered a powerful speech that resonated with our women employees. Her words of wisdom and encouragement motivated them to strive for success and overcome any obstacles we may face. 

Participants of our Woman in Leadership (WIL) programs shared their experiences and stories. This program has been instrumental in nurturing and developing the leadership skills of women employees. Additionally, one of our employees who attended the 170th anniversary ceremony in Paris shared her memorable experiences.

To encourage creativity and self-expression, we had a Vision Pop-Art session where colleagues painted each other’s visage and their own vision in one sentence. We not only showcase our artistic skills but also share our objectives and aspirations regarding women’s leadership and personal development. It was a fun way to celebrate the diversity and talent within Veolia Korea.