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Industries now need to rise to a combination of major environment, regulatory, social, economic, and operational challenges. As a result, they have begun to look beyond simple service solutions in search of a truly creative partner able to innovate. This is the kind of ongoing challenge at which Veolia excels in. Veolia has developed innovative, competitive solutions and top-level expertise that manage industries’ entire water cycle: from abstraction or desalination to producing process water through to treating and recycling wastewater and sludge.

Danone reduces costs by recycling packaging waste

Veolia has significantly improved Danone's waste-recycling capabilities through a tailored solution for soiled packaging.



Danone makes around 60 different dairy products on eight packaging lines at its site in Molay-Littry, including Taillefine, Danette and Fjord. This creates a wide range of packaging that complicates waste recovery and recycling processes.


Veolia implemented an on-site packaging removal system for non-compliant products to recover organic waste and soiled polystyrene packaging. In three years, the overall waste recovery rate rose from 70% to 98%. Measures have also significantly lowered treatment costs and reduced the site's carbon footprint.

Pascal Peslerbe
Sales Director, Valorization and Innovation, Veolia Environmental Services France

Veolia's expertise and knowledge in the field, backed by the creative approach of its technical and sales teams, have helped to improve waste recovery processes. This has led to greater benefits for the customer, along with a smaller carbon footprint.


98% waste recovery rate




Improved waste recovery

Customer benefits 

  • Lower treatment costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint



  • Increasing packaging recovery potential
  • Logistics: conventional and high-performance collection
  • Separating waste flows: packaging removal
  • Materials recovery: producing secondary raw materials