DH Recycling

Veolia Korea established DH Recycling Ltd. as a form of joint venture for a new plastic waste recycling business in November, 2013.

Veolia Korea currently operates 3 plastic recycling sites which are DH Recycling, Ecocycle and Doksan/DSPL. 

DH Recycling sorts and processes mixed recyclable plastic waste from households. It sells resins in 3 types of pre-processed forms tailored to the market needs.

DH Recycling is the biggest private plastic recycling player in Gyeonggi-do. The facility began its commercial operation in August, 2014.


Yongin, Gyeonggi-do

Start of operation

August 2014

Scope of service

Sorting mixed recyclable household plastics per resin type
and pre-processing into flakes and pellets

Facility capacity

24,000 Ton/Year


Sales Representative

Mr. Byungchan Choi

[email protected]