RO Extension in the Daesan petrochemical Complex #2

Veolia Korea and Seetec have signed a RO Extension BOT contract for the Daesan Petrochemical Complex #2.  It is the third upselling contract with the existing client and starts the commercial operation scheduled from June 2024 up to March 2040 after the completion of installation. 

Daesan LG/Lotte Chemical project is one of the longest OSS industrial water contracts in the Group. In March 2020, Veolia Korea successfully renewed its AOT contract with SEETEC (utility management company for LG Chem and Lotte Chem in Daesan IC) for another 20 years after the initial 20 year services provided since March 2000.

The customer’s recent investment plan on the future battery-related business gave us another upselling opportunity in the additional R/O water supply to LG/Lotte Chem. The R/O expansion system will be installed in Complex #2 to supply more R/O water to the customer’s Battery-related electrolyte plant.