In March 2017, Veolia Korea acquired UNIKEN, which operates multi-activity waste treatment facilities for solid and liquid waste, both designated and general. The facilities operate landfill, SRF production plant, two incinerators, liquid designated waste treatment facilities, and industrial wastewater evaporators.
The facilities are located in Ulsan, Onsan and Yongjam, where one of the biggest industrial complexes is located.

Location Ulsan / Onsan / Yongjam, Gyeongsangnam-do
Start of operation March 2017
Scope of service Landfill, SRF production, incineration and industrial
wastewater treatment, liquid designated waste
Facility capacity Landfill: 250,000 Ton/Year
2 Incinerators: 15,000 Ton/Year & 39,000 Ton/Year
Liquid designated waste: 33,000 Ton/Year
Industrial wastewater: 66,000 Ton/Year
SRF production: 18,000 Ton/Year