Veolia Korea, Participate in 'GoGoChallenge'

Reducing the use of plastic and disposable products in our daily lives!

Veolia Korea takes part in the "Go-Go Challenge", a relay campaign initiated by the Ministry of Environment early January to reduce disposable plastic generated in our daily lives.

Veolia was nominated by Kleannara, and now invites 'Gacheon University', 'Royal Tech' and 'KOTRA office of the Foreign Investment Ombudsman' as the next runners for the relay! 


*#GoGoChallenge: The 'Go-go relay' is a zero-plastic action movement promising 1 action to not do/avoid and 1 action to do in our daily lives to reduce plastic and is spread through SNS. The campaign uses play on words using the sound from the Korean word 'go', meaning 'and' (1 action to do 'and', 1 action not to do).