Veolia Korea participated in the 4th ROK-IORA Partnership Seminar

A Public & Private Collaboration for a Sustainable Future 

As a global leader of ecological transformation, Veolia was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea and KORA (Korea Resource Circulation Service Agency) to share our operational expertise in the #PlasticRecycling business at the 4th ROK-IORA Partnership Seminar. 

Veolia Korea is one of main players operating the full value chain, including collection, sorting, compounding and pelletizing, and producing the solid refuse fuel with non-recyclable debris after the #MechanicalRecycling process. 

Under the EPR scheme, Veolia Korea successfully recycles 30,000 tons of household plastic waste per year and an additional 40,000 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste for energy recovery. This not only prevents pollution at its source but also the contributes to the circular economy, reducing the demand for new raw materials through fostering collaboration between public and private sectors. This collaboration magnifies our impact on global waste management. 

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