Veolia unveils "Green Up" - An ambitious Ecological Transformation Roadmap for 2024 - 2027

Veolia had officially launched “GreenUp” - our bold new strategic program that will drive the company’s growth and ecological transformation over four years.

Unlike traditional "green" initiatives that often fall short, Green Up focuses on transforming polluting activities at their core for lasting, impactful change. We have identified three high-impact solution areas that will spearhead Veolia's growth plan from 2024 to 2027:

  • Decarbonizing Local Energy: Developing low-carbon energy solutions for municipalities, industrial facilities, and more.

  • Advanced Water Technologies: Implementing cutting-edge water treatment, recycling, and management technologies.

  • Hazardous Waste Treatment: Expanding hazardous waste treatment capabilities to reduce pollution and environmental impact.

This strategic program will accelerate our positive impact and cement Veolia as a global benchmark for ecological transformation. Green Up represents our ambitious roadmap for the years ahead.

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